HANA overview

It is believed HANA will provide a valuable resource for researchers that will inform best practice in the future.

HANA will collect data on pre-operative health status and co-morbidity, details of the treatments provided and the principal healthcare professionals responsible, and the development of any recognised complications following surgical and non-surgical treatments delivered in NHS hospitals.

HANA will also be a source of valuable information to researchers seeking to study epidemiological factors, treatment options and care pathways to improve patient outcomes in the future.

“We will provide hospital trusts with outcomes data that will enable them to see how they are performing in relation to the national average.”

Professor Iain Hutchison

Read more about the HANA aims, objectives, audit scope and design.

Overall, HANA will ask questions about:

  • Care delivery and organisation
  • Types of newly-diagnosed head and neck cancer
  • How, when and where the cancer was detected
  • Diagnosis, cancer grade and treatment plan
  • Treatments received
  • Complications of treatment
  • Overall and cancer-free survival
  • The causes of delay in the treatment pathway